Misconceptions about personal branding
Misconceptions about personal branding


After reading different articles and listening to talks on personal branding, I’ve come to the conclusion that personal branding has been misconstrued by many. As an addendum to an article about personal branding on Forbes,  there isn’t enough clarity as to what personal branding is, hence the misconceptions about it.


There are quite a number of misconceptions about personal branding, but I’m going to write on 3 of the commonest.



Misconception 1: Personal Branding Entails Everything About You


Personal branding and you
Personal branding and you


I came across this question – “How personal is personal branding?” – and it got me thinking.


The fact that personal branding is about you doesn’t mean it’s a personal diary. Though you’re showing your audience your genuine self, you don’t need to give intimate details about yourself.


When cultivating (hope you get the picture) your personal brand, you want to be perceived as a trustworthy authority in your area of specialization, not a fickle-minded person who blurs the line between things that should be private concerns and public knowledge.


Your audience wants to see clearly who you are, what you stand for, and your expertise level. They want to know what you can offer them; they don’t want to be thinking about your problems.


Misconception 2: Personal Branding Involves Crafting Or Adopting A Persona

personal branding and self image
personal branding and self image


I want you to remember that when cultivating your personal brand, you are genuine, both to yourself and your audience.


Authenticity is important in personal branding. You don’t wear a mask or impose on yourself a role in personal branding.


You want to tell your target audience about you, captivate them with your expertise and experiences, and show them that you’re to be trusted and that you’re ready to listen to them. So, why don’t you give it to them straight without any lies?


Of course, personal branding is hard work. But it shouldn’t be something so difficult that you resort to telling tales or trying to be what you’re not.


Remember that you’re telling your audience about yourself, it’s your narrative. So, keep your messages simple and genuine.


Misconception 3: Personal Branding Equals Social Media Presence

personal branding and social media
personal branding and social media


Most times, I hear people say that you need to be on social media to have a personal brand. Of course not!


I won’t undermine the importance of social media and its many advantages to personal branding, but it’s just one of the means to an end. It’s not the core of having a strong personal brand.


You don’t have to post anything on social media to build your brand. In fact, social media may not be included in your personal branding strategy.


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