To you, personal branding can sound chic or seem interesting. Probably because you’ve heard about it or seen information on it from the internet or people around you. You are aware that it’s a way of creating an identity that’s uniquely yours, and that it’s a great investment as it can be very gratifying.


But then, you’ve not been swayed over successfully into the camp of “personal branders”. This could be a result of personal branding not appealing to you. Or because you’ve been wondering if it should be your following line of action or that it’s just an industry lingo some people are talking about.


So, we’ve compiled 5 ways or rather, questions through which you can KNOW IF PERSONAL BRANDING IS FOR YOU



1. Do you have ideologies, knowledge, or values you would love to share with people other than your immediate family and close friends?

You want to leave your comfort zone, expand your circle, meet other people and share your thoughts and opinions, beliefs and values, knowledge and experiences with them. You are always on your toes to create an experience that people will value and hold on to for almost forever. This is an in-depth feeling that Personal Branding needs to fill up. 


2. Do you want to position yourself to people in a particular way?


For example, you’re quite good at Tech and you want people to see you as a Tech Enthusiast/Expert and not just another employee/employer who works in the Tech industry. You may also want your thought leadership ideas in this industry to scale beyond your circle into where the big league rules and need to leave your own prints, this may be an opportunity to respond to personal branding calling. 



3. Do you have a subject matter you would want people (friends and strangers inclusive) to come to you for?

Still using Tech as an example, beyond people knowing and trusting you as a Tech Enthusiast/Expert, you also really love helping people solve Tech-related issues and you would want the world to know that you’re the go-to person for any conversation relating to Tech. You are constantly positioning your ideas in the little spaces you may be found online and offline as the case may be and there is a conflict within you to share a larger audience, you just have to try Personal Branding. 


4. Would you want values to be placed on your skills, knowledge, expertise, and life experience(s)?


With the  Tech industry as a subject matter, you want to be well-known in the Tech industry as someone credible and trustworthy, with want monetary value, accolades, and rewards attached to your work. Why not? After all, you made some sacrifices to get to where you are, therefore, it is valid to seek some sort of reward after making so much effort to get to where you are.  This is the part where you need personal branding as most people (your audience) also need some validation in other to gain your trust.  



5. Do you feel deep down that you’re called to greater things, platforms, and opportunities to teach, impact, and influence?


You know there’s more in you to give out to the world before you pass on, but you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin. There is no greater POSITIONING than this. Your audience(s) need to see you where they are most comfortable and you also need to be there at the right time. This merger can be achieved with Personal Branding. 


Are your answers to these questions positive? Then do not rule out Personal Branding in any way. You have a voice that is a solution to something, a calling that is an answer to someone, and a skill that is the next big thing. 

To achieve the 5 feats mentioned above, you’ll need help building and positioning yourself for inside-out and authentic personal branding.




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