Building a Personal Brand, just like a Pot of Soup- requires more than One Ingredient. More than a Good Intention. It requires Effort and a Handful of Ingredients.  

There’s a lot of effort, energy, and Ingredients that go into building a Strong Personal Brand. One of these Ingredients is a Personal Brand Statement.  

 Just like how MTN (A Tele Communication Brand) is synonymous with ‘Everywhere you go’ and Cakes Walkin Tall (A Confectionery Brand) is Synonymous with Making Celebrations Count, you need a strong statement that is Synonymous with who you are, what you can do and why you do it.

A personal branding statement is your main value proposition presented in the form of a unique catchphrase. It tells your target audience what they can get from you in terms of results and ultimate benefits. 

A Personal Brand Statement can be as simple as “I help B2B companies (target market) double their leads (result) with Social Media ads (skill).”

You can use your personal branding statement as part of your social media bio and while introducing yourself at events or during networking scenarios.

 Do you Understand? 

It can be demanding trying to come up with a Brand Statement catchy and strong, but ensure it the kind that would be of Interest and spike up the attention of your audience.

For Example- let’s say you’re a relationship and marriage counselor. Your personal brand statement could be something like this:

“I help individuals make better relationship choices as well as find marital fulfillment” or I help Women make better relationship decisions as well as find marital fulfillment. You need to be Specific if you help Men, Women, Teenagers or Elderly People. 

You should be precise with who your Target Audience is. EVERYONE may not necessarily be your Target Audience.  

How do you come up with a Great Personal Brand Statement?

First of all, you need to be careful when choosing the words and phrases of your Personal Brand Statement so you don’t leave people confused and wondering what your Personal Brand Statement means. You might also be tempted to use ‘the big and ambiguous’ words to prove a point that you are well read and quite vast with vocabulary.

 Please don’t yield to that temptation. Flee from the Temptation to use the big words. Rather use simple and easy to comprehend words that communicate your Expertise and Values. Use words that are easy to pronounce, understand and spell. 

Secondly, what are you an expert at and what do you specialize in? 

What is that Skill or Service you enjoy offering to people? In what area do people constantly ask you advice for? What experience have you been through that other people may need your guidance or advise for? What is the Skill you offer to people and they come back to say that you did so well? What is that Skill that you can exchange in place of value?

Now, Identify and pen down that area of expertise and describe it in the way you want people to understand and patronize you. 

It’s that simple! 

Lastly, what other factors make you different from people that do the same thing you do? 

What are those things that show how you are different at what you do? For some people, it is their Customer Journey that differentiates them. For some, it is their Brand Story (The Story behind why they do what they do). 

What is it for you? Think deeply and be sincere to yourself. 

How do you want people to perceive you? As a mother that has it all together? As a man that cares about his Family? As a person that is passionate about People’s Growth? Include this extra ingredient about your Personal Brand as it could be that one reason why anyone would want to work with you or even refer you. 

P.S From time to time, always ensure your Personal Brand Statement correlates with your Reality. Constantly ask your close acquittance for brutal and honest feedback to put your in check. 

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