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We offer a heart-to-heart clarity consultancy before you jump into personal branding activities (posting on social media, blogging, speaking, etc.). The goal is to make sure you have established a solid personal brand knowledge, spotted your strengths, clarified your target audience, streamlined your offers, and established your niche before we plunge.

Csuite Pr

At GLASS ‘N’ CRAFT, we MAKE our Clients THOUGHT LEADERS. We work with you to build your reputation as a domain knowledge expert. We do this by developing content, facilitating media mentions, and orchestrating effective visibility that would increase the chances of significant opportunities.

Brand Strategy and Positioning

We start with an analytical evaluation to unearth your personality, beaming light on what’s authentic to you, discovering your strengths, weaknesses, identifying potential opportunities and possible threats. We will derive what resonates with your target audience, and what will distinguish you from the competition. With these insights, we are able to develop a compelling personal brand strategy that will position you adequately. 

Content Writing

Great content skill is an essential Ingredient to building your brand and needed in creating valuable landing pages that inform your current or prospective target audience.  Our Content Writing services involve blog posts, white papers, case studies, and informative video scripts.

Book Writing/Publishing

It’s a fact: people are willing to pay more for things they perceive to be more valuable. Our expert team will help you clearly articulate and showcase the unique value you have to offer. How much are you already losing from a personal brand not harnessed, a value proposition not properly crafted? How many potential customers are walking by, and can’t hear your offer in the noisy business world? How many people are passing up your consulting service? Can potential customers or hiring managers understand why they need your services? A lack of clarity may already be costing you a great deal.

Website Development

Owning a website is a crucial tool for positioning you as a trustworthy domain expert in your field. At GLASS ‘N’ CRAFT PR, we facilitate the development of a befitting website that serves as a repertoire of everything, you and a very instructive tool in generating business leads.


At GLASS ‘N’ CRAFT, we MAKE our Clients THOUGHT LEADERS. We work with you to build your reputation as a domain knowledge expert. We do this by developing content, facilitating media mentions, and orchestrating effective visibility that would increase the chances of significant opportunities.q

Media Placement

Whether you need to pivot or publicise your brand to come from obscurity to visibility, announce your personal brand services, or simply amplify your message, GLASS ‘N’ CRAFT PR will secure top-tier local, national, and international coverage.

Social Media Management

Our deep digital expertise enables us to deliver excellent online reputational development and build engagement in a dynamic yet delicate and ever-evolving medium. Across social media channels like Instagram and LinkedIn, we will craft and distribute posts that captivate your target and keep your brand top-of-mind. Our team of social media gurus works diligently to expand and manage brand social networks. We also curate brand-specific content that is relevant to your audience.

Crisis Management

When a crisis arises, you can trust that our expert counsel—sharply honed by successfully handling myriad crises across a spectrum of industries—will help mitigate the situation and get you back on track.

Client Testimonials

” GLASS ‘N’ CRAFT PR has proven over time that they understand their client’s needs and clients can go to bed assured that their personal brand will be well managed. The effort put into creating content and striving for engagement is very commendable. I am also quite pleased that they know when it is not working and can sit with the client to review progress as needed.“
– Kola Shawana,
Managing Director, Olutee Engineering & Resident Pastor, The Elevation Church Ikorodu, Lagos.
” The GLASS ‘N’ CRAFT team is very attentive to details and quickly meets deadlines. They never drop the ball. They have a personal touch in their approach, and they understand each client’s personal goals.“
– Abiola Baloye
Digital, PR, and Brand Engagement Manager Midland Digital Solutions Minnesota, United States
” After 2 months with Preciousgift as a personal brand manager and I came to the conclusion that personal brand management isn’t a luxury or option but a vital necessity. The results of that intentionality were palpable.. social media engagement and visibility, feedback and testimonials, Image face-lift and recognitions….. Without mincing words, I’ll say: Everyone who is going to actualize the fullness of their potential and be rightly positioned as a thought leader or Industry Stalwart in this fast-paced 21st century NEEDS the GLASS ‘N’ CRAFT team “
– Oluwole Ogunsanya,
aka Cake Daddy, Creative Director, Cakes Walkin Tall
” The Personal Branding Webinar was really enlightening and soaked. Preciousgift Ajudie’s beautiful delivery of the subject matter intrigued me the most as it showed her competence and confidence as a personal branding coach. The importance of a USP (unique selling point) in building a personal brand as emphasized by her helped me put certain things in my life in a more accurate perspective as well as knowing my audience, my platform, my network, etc. It was a beautiful presentation.“
– Isarinade David Timilehin,
YnG volunteer.