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I’m going to assume that you’re seeking information on what personal branding is all about and that’s why you stumbled across this article. 

I don’t know what your ‘information bank’ has on personal branding, but I’ll tell you this – personal branding isn’t a recent phenomenon, and building a strong personal brand has become more important than ever to people wanting to showcase their expertise.

Don’t know about personal branding, read further. (In case you do, read further still ?)


When we say “personal branding”, it is creating that identity that tells the world (or your target audience) who YOU are and what YOU stand for (hence, the word ‘personal’).

It is the process whereby you influence people’s perception of who you are, how they see and talk about you, and what you’re capable of.

We all have a personal brand. We have an identity. But many of us aren’t maintaining our personal brands so as to make them solid and strong. This is where personal branding comes in.

When you have a strong personal brand, you’re making a footprint (which is unique to you). You present to the world your expertise, experiences, achievements, etc. within a field or industry. You show your competence and credibility, thereby creating an impression in people’s minds that you’re a trustworthy expert in your field.

To simplify everything you might or mightn’t have known, personal branding is marketing yourself, though done by someone other than yourself (your personal brand manager).

From what you’ve read, you might have deduced the importance of personal branding. Nevertheless, let me still give you 5 reasons why you need personal branding.


1. Earns You Name Recognition

personal branding idea
personal branding idea

Let me ask you, how would you feel knowing that people recognize your name without any introduction? How would you feel knowing that your name triggers a connection to your profession, business, or industry in people’s minds? Or that your name births a picture of a person of expertise and credibility in people’s minds?

I’m sure you’ll be proud and ecstatic. That’s an accomplishment! And the work of personal branding.

Building a strong personal brand will create a lasting impression on people and make you memorable.

2. Differentiates You From The Competition

personal branding competitors
personal branding competitors

Having a strong personal brand makes you stand out, and unique. It’s like a platform whereby you present your personality, expertise, experiences, successes, and failures. It’s personal to you. 

People visit your website, read your blog posts, watch your videos, go through your social media handles and get a picture or an impression of who you really are, what you stand for, what drives you, and what they can expect from you.

3. Helps you to garner trust and credibility


personal branding trust
personal branding trust

Building a strong personal brand begets gaining the trust of your audience and building your credibility.

As a personal brand, when you show your genuine self, are consistent in your various messages to your audience, and relate well to them, you start to earn their trust. Because they know you’re an expert, a credible one, knowingly or not, they rely on you for whatever it is you provide.

4. Gives you control of your narrative

personal branding control
personal branding control

When you do your personal branding, you’re able to grow your personal brand the way you want. You’re able to tell your story the way you want to. You’re in charge of the channel(s) of communication to use. You know what your messages will be. 

You’re aware of how you are presented to the world (or target audience). Whether in online or offline environments, you’re able to introduce yourself in the best way possible. 

5. Helps to grow your business brand

personal branding growth
personal branding growth

Having a strong personal brand results in being tagged as an expert in one’s industry. Consequently, your business brand benefits from it. 

You’re seen as someone knowledgeable and trustworthy in that line of work, therefore people won’t think twice before patronizing your business because they’ll believe that you’ll offer them the best.

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