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“We build the authority that converts to thought Leadership and positions you for Credibility, Visibility, Influence, and Profitable Opportunities.”

GLASS ‘N’ CRAFT is Personal Branding and C-suite PR Agency positioned to help you identify, nurture and sustain a clear personal brand. We ensure that everyone who comes to us at GLASS ‘N’ CRAFT PR builds and sustains a purpose that metamorphoses into an Influential Brand.

Nothing beats how much influence a well-built Personal Brand has on your Career, Business, and even Life in general. Imagine striking a multimillion-dollar deal simply because your name was mentioned or imagine millions of lives being positively changed just because you decided to stand up, show up and build a purpose-affiliated brand. You have the potential and power to chart your destiny, forge your course and wreck statuesque, irrespective of where you were born, how you were born, where you live, or what your educational qualifications are.


Our Why

We strongly believe in the existence of God being the Center of our life while we are the caretakers of our purpose. Whilst we help you set the tone of your strengths, skills, passions, values, and beliefs through content creation, social media marketing, and media mentions. 


Our How

We do this by assessing your current state relative to your purpose while we set personal goals to help you achieve your purpose. This process can be followed as you build your career or personal brand while we revisit these processes periodically as you change and evolve. 


Our Alias

It is OK to call us the purpose delivery and nurturing agency! We work with our clients to achieve tremendous benefits from developing and communicating your brand. When done consistently, others will think about you in association with your brand and the opportunities therein.